July 6, 2014

Tori’s Story

It’s hard to separate Tori’s story from Casey’s story.  When a child dies, the death becomes a part of the family narrative.  It impacts each member for years to come.  For me, it was transformative.  I wrote my first book to save myself and my young daughter Taylor Raye from drowning in grief.Tori Rose Curry was born on Oct.12, 1995. She was the youngest of four vibrant daughters.  She was diagnosed with an inoperable brainstem tumor in January of 1998 and died peacefully at home, six months later at the age of three on March 11, 1998.


I Remember You Today is an interactive grief book designed to assist a child through the first year of grief. It originated as an elegy and morphed into an illustrated soft bound book a child could carry and document their feelings in as they travel along their grief journey. I Remember You Today became more than I ever intended. It has been used by many grief programs throughout the country, often with an accompanying bereavement workshop for adults and children. There are hospices, pediatric oncology programs and funeral directors that use the book in an effort to assist their patients and clients. It remains my personal triumph over the tragedy of saying goodbye to Tori Rose.



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