The Mother Love Show On Wednesday August 6, 2014

Casey Curry, author and writing teacher calls in from FL to share her heartfelt loss of her 3 yr old daughter Tori Rose and how that devastating loss prompted her to write “I Remember You Today” is an interactive grief book designed to assist a child through the first year of grief. It originated as an elegy and morphed into an illustrated soft bound book a child could carry and document their feelings in as they travel along their grief journey.

Her latest tome, Promises is a novel that speaks of love, loss and renewal.  It is a story of discovery and redemption.  When Pamela Sloane meets a young Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy, she embarks on a thirty year journey of desire, death, determination and deliverance. This thought-provoking summer read promises unprecedented access into the otherwise covert and conservative world of military intrigue, hidden desires and secrets begging to be revealed. [Read more HERE.]


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