Book clubs hosting Casey Curry and/or featuring “A Pillar of Fire” will receive a bonus gift. Homemade is a booklet filled with recipes and musings on family traditions direct from the novel and Casey’s personal stash.

In this booklet, author Casey Curry pairs her love of cooking and writing as a generous gift to her readers. These recipes will make book club events even more memorable! Share the delicious foods from Ella Jean’s kitchen, Pam’s entertaining ideas and more! Bon appetit from Daddy Sloane, the Sloane sisters, the Hamilton daughters and the wonderful men who love them.

Book clubs interested in featuring Casey for a book chat, please use our contact form, and more information will be forwarded to you. If your club is interested in signed copies of A Pillar of Fire, purchase your books right here on our site’s store.

Homemade is only for book clubs.