November is a month for writers and writing. First of all, it is National Write a Novel Month (NaNoWriMo), a great movement to encourage new and established writers to get the first draft of a novel finished in 30 days. November is also a month of micro-celebrations for everything from young adult writing to authors to books. Precious books.

I challenge you to explore NaNoWriMo and other writing programs this month. I challenge you to read about writing. I challenge you to write. I challenge you to read about writers who have paved the way for us all.

The three authors I would like everyone to know something about are Elizabeth Alexander, J. California Cooper, and one of the greatest poetry muses to ever live, Gwendolyn Brooks. My personal challenge to you is to learn something about the women I admire and who inspire me. I believe you will admire them and be inspired by them as well.


A November Challenge or Two…

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